a few words about us

img5Integrity Communications, a VT-based telecommunications company, was founded by David King and Rowdy Doyon in April of 1997.

Both founders have more than thirty years of experience in voice and data applications.  Versatility and ability combined with determination and ingenuity prove to be an effective combination for satisfying our customer’s needs and enhancing their link with technology.  Integrity applies these traits to provide the best service, installation and consultation in all telephone systems, voice mail, data networks, data transmission, fiber-optics and related computer and telephone equipment.  We have a dedicated workforce of technicians and sales consultants that are committed to our customers’ needs.  We provide twenty-four hour seven day a week emergency service.

Our technical team is certified in a variety of different manufacturers of telephone equipment, data cabling, data termination, fiber-optics, voice mail and digital transmission equipment.  Currently, we are authorized to sell and service Mitel (Inter-Tel), ESI, Teleco authorized Toshiba products, Panasonic KX-TD, Samsung, Amanda voice mail and Teleco voice mail.  We also have the ability to service many other manufacturers of equipment including Avaya (Lucent & AT&T), Nortel, Nitsuko, Mitel and others.  We are certified on Hubbell Premise wiring and components and fiber termination.  Each dealership or certification is continuously updated and reviewed as well as the entire list of certifications.  Our goal is to install products that meet the needs of our customer base with the highest level of reliability, flexibility and user friendliness.

Integrity Communications is constantly advancing in emerging technologies such as Voice over IP.  VoIP is one of the main focuses of our customers.  We have a large and growing list of VoIP installations and are excited about the evolution and possibilities that exist.  We are also adding security camera installation and cabling with an emphasis on IP connectivity to our inventory of abilities.  Any cabling or installation project that has literally anything to do with communications is on our list.

We specialize in both new design of voice and data networks and redesign of existing networks.  We take the time to insure that we understand our customers needs for both the immediate and long term future.  Since we know that the purchaser’s budget is always a factor; we strive to provide what our customers truly need, not what will make us the most money.  Pride in performance versus desire for profit is always the lead in our comprehensive approach to satisfy our customers.  Customers are encouraged to let us know if they are less than 100% satisfied.  Our job is complete only when our customer is happy.  Though this ideology may not be unique, we have found that it has made us successful and has earned our customer’s loyalty and trust.

Technology is constantly and rapidly changing, therefore, we take the time to educate our customers in any area of our expertise that they may need.   We explain types of equipment, current standards of cabling and any information that pertains to the project at hand.  Many customers are unaware of what “the Telephone Company” does and what “the Computer Guy” does and how they relate-we can help to answer that question, too.

Integrity can assist in purchases with leasing programs if preferred.  We plan our installations so that they are the least disruptive while still the most productive.  We then stand behind our work and remain available for any repairs, additions or enhancements.  During working hours our friendly administrative staff will accommodate your needs by telephone, mail or e-mail. Emergency calls will immediately page the on-call technician, who will then immediately contact you.  All non-emergency repairs are serviced within twenty-four hours.


what we offer

Telephone Systems

We offer a wide array of voice solutions utilizing products from MiTel, ESI and PhoneSuite.  From a small shop, to a large hotel, we can develop a solution for you.

Data Networks

Integrity Communications and its founders have been involved in data networking since the 1980’s.  The technology has evolved while many of the skills required to properly install the cabling are based on experience.


While copper is typically more readily available and less expensive, it has limitations.  If you need to data locations over 100 meters, fiber will no longer suffice.

Surveillance Video

Installation & Design…

Intrusion Alarms

Installation & Monitoring utilizing products from DSC, as well as Honeywell Security

Access Control

Installation & Design utilizing products from Keyscan Access Control Systems

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

We have a large and growing list of VoIP installations and are excited about the evolution and possibilities that exist

our team