While copper is typically more readily available and less expensive, it has limitations. If you need to data locations over 100 meters, fiber will no longer suffice. We would then use fiber optic cabling. Fiber can transmit and receive data great distances at high speeds. Many IT departments prefer to use fiber as the backbone in their network design because it provides greater performance and longevity. Many times, our customers will have us connect multiple buildings using fiber. Not only does it accommodate the distance but also isolates the building from lightening damage.

We are familiar with multi-mode and single mode and the many varieties of each. There is also a wide variety of terminations for the fiber. We have the tools and knowledge to terminate and test most, if not all of the current standard terminations. Fiber ends are fused on to ensure the lowest loss possible. We can also fusion splice fiber that has been cut, broken or needs to be extended.

As with copper, we can test the fiber and provide documentation. We can test with a light meter for the smaller jobs or with an OTDR for larger jobs or when certain tolerances must be known.

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